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$30 for 5 meals (08/13 edition)

heellloo there!  i apologize for missing last month’s $30 for 5 meals.  as many of you know, i had surgery.  since my recovery time will be 6 – 8 weeks, i’m not sure when i will be able to get in the kitchen and create some recipes.  then, i had another unexpected hiccup, which was... read more →

$30 for 5 meals (06/13 edition)

summer is finally here full swing.  tomorrow, my kids have a half of day at school and will be out for the summer!  usually, my summer meals are quick and easy.  with all 4 kids in extra curricular activities and home ALL DAY, it is utter chaos.  to fight the urge of eating out and... read more →

$30 for 5 meals (04/13 edition)

hello there!  it’s finally spring!  can you believe it? 2 days into spring we received 6 inches of snow, so i have to admit i was very skeptical when it got warm one day.  the kids are pulling out their shorts and sandals, and have to tell ya, i’m ready! not only is it nice... read more →

$30 for 5 meals (03/13 edition)

hi guys!  i’m very excited about this month’s $30 for 5 meals edition.  these past few weeks, the recipe ideas have been rolling in.  i have had to keep a pen handy, since my brain seems to be working hard!  ya’ll seemed to be very excited about some of the recipes that i tested and... read more →

$30 for 5 meals (02/13 edition)

it seems like time is flying too fast.  we have went from christmas to valentines day in no time.  since we are still in winter, i am always in the mood for comfort foods, soups and stews, in particular.  i love the way it feels to be comforted when it’s so cold outside.  this edition... read more →

$30 for 5 meals (01/13 edition)

whew.  after the hustle and bustle of the holidays, it is nice to have things settled and quieter.  the new year always helps all of us re-evaluate everything.  we all want everything to be better.  much better!  should i be cutting back?  am i doing this right?  what can i do to make this better? ... read more →
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